About Us - Why

Why choose ALA?

A premier academy

Asian Language Academy aims to be at the very top of its field by providing stimulating and very effective education and training.  Our aim is to ensure total client satisfaction.

An Asian language specialist

ALA is a specialist academy, focusing specifically on Asian language and culture. Our focus allows us to be experts in what we do.

Personal approach

One of the key differentiating factors of ALA is our personal approach. We are small and friendly! ALA will recognise you as an individual and work hard to satisfy your unique and individual needs.

Stimulating and enjoyable

Learning languages at ALA is interesting and enjoyable. We are warm and friendly people, so you will enjoy spending time with us. Our enthusiasm and passion will soon rub off, and you will find yourself captivated. Learning an Asian language and all that it relates to will really open your mind and stimulate your senses.

Small group and individual classes

ALA's group classes are all small, with an average of six students. This means that all students get a very high degree of personalised attention. It is also great because it is just right for effective, inclusive interaction and discussion. ALA also offers personalised, one-to-one courses, tailored specifically to an individual's needs.

Teachers and teaching approach

Our carefully-chosen teachers offer a combination of qualifications, experience, practical knowledge, personality and love for teaching their language. The ALA teaching approach aims to bring out the best in each individual.

Broad range of language courses

Not only do we teach a range of Asian languages, we also teach at different levels. And you will not need to worry about which level you think you are: we are pleased to talk to you in advance and ensure you attend a class that is most appropriate for you. Remember that we offer one-to-one classes as well!

Diversity of students

Students from a range of nationalities and backgrounds attend classes at ALA, ensuring your learning environment is particularly interesting and stimulating.

Cultural and social activities

In discussion with our students, ALA will organise social/cultural activities where we can put our learning to the test!

Great locations and modern facilities

In both Auckland and Christchurch, our premises are located within walking distance of the respective CBDs.  The schools are equipped with up-to-date materials and resources in comfortable surroundings.  You can relax and put all your efforts into learning your chosen language.