Learn Korean

The best way to know and understand Korean culture and the Korean way of life is to know the Korean language!  Spoken by millions of people in Korea and in Korean communities around the world, the Korean language is a rich and fascinating language.  To understand and to communicate in Korean will introduce both the people and the culture.  There are many reasons to learn Korean apart from plans to travel to Korea.  Learning any new language, whether Korean, Japanese, Mandarin or whatever, is a great character-building exercise which enhances one's understanding and acceptance of cultural differences.

Whatever your reasons for learning Korean, ALA provides a lively, interactive and supportive environment, with small classes and native-speaker teachers to assist your learning process. If you are contemplating learning a foreign language for work or general interest, choosing a Korean course with ALA will provide you with more choices later on in your studies, and possibly in your career.

For more information, contact us now and ask about beginning your Korean course with ALA.

Guide to learning the Korean language