Korean lessons

We will have you speaking Korean in your first lesson. After a quick look at some of the basics such as pronunciation, we focus on the spoken language in everyday contexts.

We believe that learning Korean should be enjoyable as well as educational. For this reason, our Korean lessons are very interactive, sometimes one-to-one with just your teacher, at other times the whole class is involved. Over the duration of your Korean course, your skills will develop, and you will begin to speak Korean with greater confidence.


Asian Language Academy is a great place to study Korean.

Learning Korean will bring many benefits.  It will:

Let's not forget the question of personal enjoyment. You gain new insights and perspectives, and enlarge your horizons by discovering a culture other than your own. Learning Korean is also a great way to develop self-awareness and an understanding of another people.

The fun begins with your first Korean lesson. Contact us now to reserve your place on our next Korean course.