Chinese language school/Mandarin language school

Asian Language Academy is a highly-regarded language school for Chinese/Mandarin. We offer a well-established Mandarin language course based on material specifically designed to suit the needs of our clients. Our native Mandarin-speaking teachers provide you with the best teaching possible.  We also introduce you to many fascinating aspects of Chinese culture.

Looking to study Mandarin as a second language? Contact us now, and see for yourself why we are New Zealand's preferred choice for studying Chinese!

Mandarin language facts
Mandarin is the most widely used variety of Chinese, and is the official language of China; it is also widely spoken elsewhere in the world where there are Chinese communities.  Mandarin is the language with the most native speakers: about one-fifth of the world speaks some form of Mandarin.

At ALA, you have the opportunity to learn one of the six official languages of the United Nations - Mandarin!

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