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Speaking the lingo helps
New Zealand Herald, 8 February 2003

Learning another tongue pays big dividends - personal as well as professional. Multilingual people enjoy the same benefits again and again - people and places become accessible. To speak another language is to understand why people from other lands think the way they do; knowing their lingo is the quickest route into their culture. Lateral thinking gets a boost. So does confidence - especially when you are mistaken for a local.

Mind your language
New Zealand Herald, 2 May 2003

You have been to night classes and listened to the tapes and now you are winging your way to a foreign destination, wondering whether anyone will understand your carefully rehearsed phrases. Of course they will. The first sentence you speak will be the hardest. After that it is plain sailing.

All New Zealanders might start learning a second language earlier now that the Ministry of Education will be requiring schools to provide second language teaching at intermediate level.